Meeting Howard Wills and his healing energies

I saw Howard Wills yesterday. Oh, Lord, am I lucky!

I can hardly contain the goodness, the learning, the blessings, the serendipity that comes to me daily– but I can contain them, I do contain them! I’ll take even more. I am open. I am open. I am grateful. Thank you, thank you, Lord, thank you.  (Can you sense his influence on me?)

You can download the inspired prayers of Howard Wills for free at <>. They are huge, beautiful, powerful, full of gratitude, liberating. Instructions for using them are also on the pdf download. And, according to a card I received, he is available for phone sessions anytime year-round at 310-650-2733.

Yesterday I went to a small group session with Howard Wills in a home in Cheviot Hills. He’s an enlightened healer, based in Hawaii, who is visiting LA region for the first time in three years.

I first watched him last Saturday when I went with three friends to a large group event in Santa Monica: I watched him heal people in the audience where, with loud, crisp, snaps of his fingers, he held his hand to shine healing energy their way. He, with the Light, clears people’s lineage–backwards and forwards; he, with the Light, knits broken bones. With the Light, he moves diseases, stuck energy, whatever out of the body. I’ve suspended suspicion, cynicism, doubt about this sort of thing–I’m open to receiving any and all healing that’s for my highest good.

So I paid for and went to an additional session. I went with intention of clearing/healing my pollen allergies, hemorrhoids, and my two numb toes on my left foot. For the allergies he suggested small doses of bee pollen from the area in which I live; for the hemorrhoids he suggested ingesting a spoon or so of pure oil daily; for the toes, he directed energy at them. Yesterday I felt sensation and occasional pain in them; today they are flexible and pain-free. Hmm.

Yesterday as he talked, I took notes, and here’s what I’ve written that Howard Wills said. I want to be clear–these are my notes, some sentences are verbatim, some are not; I tried to capture the gist of his comments, writing fast. I include this at length here to help me remember and so others can also get the info if they wish:

You’ve got to do your life your way, doing what’s best for you, what you feel like you should do. Get on your path and do it your way! What you desire gets to become yours. The Light always wants to give you what you want. Ask the Light to lead, guide, direct, and protect, and then we can be on autopilot–we don’t have to think, we can just be.

Follow the feeling (not the emotion), but the feeling of your body. Chill the mental. Relax. Desire it, desire to know. Everyone knows the truth; it’s in your heart, not your mind. It’s wrong information that desire causes suffering: knowing comes when you follow your desire; a husband comes when you follow your desire– but not the type of desire that drives the self crazy–that’s a different story.

The Light is the bestower of gifts, the Light is the cosmic parent. Think in terms of millions or billions, and you’ve got it. Prayers cleanse us. Clean up your lineage; make peace with everything; love everything; love yourself, too–and you find happiness. Desiring things or having things is not happiness. A bigger house doesn’t do it–you can have it, but it’s not the answer to happiness. When you stand up for creation, for the life of the earth, you find happiness. Happiness comes out of relationships–us with ourselves, us with others, us with creation.

‘Feeling’ is a way of being, a trait to follow, a way to success in the physical, with ease.
Simplicity– simple people have one wire [easy to heal]; complex people have a million wires [take longer to heal, though there are shortcuts]; we’ve got to cleanse the complex.
Simplify, simplify, simplify. Then make it simple again. Keep simplifying–it gives quality of life. Less is better–it makes what you do more powerful. If you do a million things, it’s diffuse; one or two things– more powerful.

Spiritual people need to have babies to pass on the intelligence, the seed. You can throw celibacy out the window–If you want to be more powerful spiritually, get married. It’s not a prerequisite–there’s nothing wrong with celibacy, but marriage–joining of male and female– is high union.

This planet is half a grain of sand on an endless beach. Be open. It’s the biggest word for humanity. Always open. Open. When you’re open, there’s always more.
Learning can be scary; new universes can be scary– it may take awhile for things to be accepted. [We've] got to get bigger, too stay open. When you love everything, it always listens to you.

Then Howard Wills talked more about his illumination experience 35 years ago, about miraculous healings he’s performed [stories I won't include here right now], how the top doctors in the world call him. Could he help Senator Kennedy, someone asked: “If they ask. If they ask, we’re happy to help.” It’s all about awakening to the Light.

Repeatedly he asks– and he’s teaching us to ask: “What do you notice about your body?”

This is old stuff, real old stuff, and futuristic. If it ain’t right, don’t try to force it. Learn to do what you need to do. Let the struggle [with others] go. You’ve gotta let everybody do what they want to do. Don’t you want [hope, desire, push] them to do anything. Stop that. Just ask God to look after them. Please. Thank you.

Peacemaking is the key to freedom in life. Just make the peace. Let’s forgive ourselves. Please forgive me. Please. Thank you. I love you. Thank you for loving me.

At the end of the session, he went around the room and concluded with each person. I told him I wanted to be open to as much Light as I could receive for my highest good, and I asked if he saw anything, any block. “I don’t see anything,” he said to me. “Just be open” to the Light. I asked if he wouldn’t please snap his fingers at me– he laughed and said, “Sure.” And he did.

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20 thoughts on “Meeting Howard Wills and his healing energies

  1. I’ve been to two small group session (in Pacific Palisades)with Howard the past two weeks and the event in Santa Monica you mentioned. Your notes run true to my experience with Howard. He is a unique individual and his message is simple and heart-felt. Thank you for sharing your notes.

  2. I was there also, maybe not the same session, but in Cheviot Hills. I have been into metaphysics for many many years, and I came away from this a changed person.I (was) way too cerebral, abundance is all about feeling, and living life by this feeling.

    This forgiveness and prayers have opened me big time. I had no physical ailments, or major ones, but work / career, which really is ones expression, purpose.

    He worked on me in the audience and he told me, how about 20, I said, million, he said billion, it shocked me, but he opened me and kept opening me, removing fear and giving love, I could feel the infusion of love and light.

    I am so glad he began the whole night with, We are a feeling and live your life your own way, really the 2 things I really had been struggling my whole life. Man, awesome, a great prescription.

    I work in the corp world, doing computer engineering, but I am really an artist / musician. I have come to peace with this sort of dual parallel career.
    An enlightened friend of mind counseled me a few years ago to bless this situation and Howard echoed this also, and I have been doing this for a few years, and it has been great, of course the universe will give me (us) what we want, in my case, artistic and business, financial independence, being my own boss, and leader.

    And after this meeting, I have this weird feeling, a very good feeling, that I do not have to try so hard to keep this job / career, or try so hard to find another career, just be, just be at ease.

    This great clearing, clarity, and newly discovered calmness has overcome me, it has actually shocked me. I can achieve this peace in meditation, but not during the day. But after Howards meeting, the feeling is with me a week and half later. Howard shows you how to instantly connect with the divine, you know that feeling and you know when you are away from that, and you get back to that good feeling.

    I kind of fell into computer (Apple) engineering and over the last few years, despite my efforts to stay fresh and passionate about it, it has become tiring, old. And this served as a clue to me, in ones true purpose, one never tires of it.

    I feel the universe, I feel in my feelings that this phase is over in my life, it is evolving, growing, moving onward, transmuting.

    I know there is so much more, and what is even better, I don’t have to try that hard. Just follow the good feeling, in my body. Be in my heart and body, not so much thinking.

    I have this awareness now, that if you have by default used your mind, ego, thinking to guide your life (this is possible and still can garner success),
    but success at what?, your true purpose, your true bliss, not likely.

    The divine is connected to from the heart, and if you have learned to disconnect from your heart, (which I did and many do) you have cut yourself off from full abundance, knowing, peace, joy.

    glad you have the notes here, he did say, Ask the light to guide you, direct you. Which I am going to do, how easy, just ask the universe.

    He also said, God gives big gifts, but if you don’t accept them, receive, them you dont get to keep them, so just be open to the guiding. It’s like the universe wants to give these great things, but we have to be detached, pliable, calm and still, open.

    I am actually quite excited and still at peace and calmness, and from this state, I know all things will happen, it is so joyful, but even more that I am shocked, by letting go, it is now so easy, I feel this wonderful sense of peace and ease, like I go thru my day, being directed, still passionate, but calm easy.

    I really don’t know where it will go next, and even Howard said, don’t worry about it, you don’t have to know how.

    But I know I am connected and I feel great, and that is the point, I do know that whatever I do it will involve, Music, Movies, Apple (Macs), and Metaphysics, and get much more involved with what Howard is doing, and more involved with helping people along these lines.

    love and peace,


  3. How wonderful to hear all the words about Howard. I first worked with him over 15 years ago and there is no doubt that the Living Prayers WORK!!! I was raised a Roman Catholic and his teachings do not in anyway interfere with those of the church. In fact, it is not in conflict with natural law. His prayers just make sense. There is no mumbo jumbo. Really it is all about common sense. We are blessed to have these prayers. I have not done the entire set of prayers in many years. I often recite the Living Prayer which is for me a daily cleaning prayer.

    Howard has also helped my father and my entire family.

    Thank you Howard and to all those who open themselves to their intelligence and limitless potential.

  4. How wonderful to hear all the words about Howard. I first worked with him over 15 years ago and there is no doubt that the Living Prayers WORK!!! I was raised a Roman Catholic and his teachings do not in anyway interfere with those of the church. In fact, it is not in conflict with natural law. His prayers just make sense. There is no mumbo jumbo. Really it is all about common sense. We are blessed to have these prayers. I have not done the entire set of prayers in many years. I often recite the Living Prayer which is for me a daily cleaning prayer.

    Howard has also helped my father and my entire family.

    Thank you Howard and to all those who open themselves to their intelligence and limitless potential.

  5. I first met Howard Wills at a picnic at Anahola Beach, Kauai, Hawaii in June 2008. He was with his beautiful wife and their adorable two year old son. Howard was called Kahuna and he blessed the meal. A lady from New Zealand was at the picnic and told me Howard Wills was a very special person, very spiritual and had healing powers.

    A few weeks after the picnic at Anahola, I attended a meeting at the Princeville Community Center in which Howard Wills led a group in prayer and then brought healing energy to several individuals in the group. Howard has a strong southern accent, as he is originally from South Carolina. He is quite tall and has very long hair.

    In July 2008 I attended an all-day intensive workshop at the home of Nutan Brownstein in Kilauea. This healing workshop was facilitated by Howard Wills. Throughout the day, Howard had conversations with each of the participants. I was impressed with his powerful listening of each person’s story. Not once did he hold judgment on anyone. He was gracious, generous and acknowledged the goodness of each person there. For those eager and willing to learn his method, he was just as eager to teach others how to focus their healing energy to heal others. Howard has the gift and ability to generate amazing spiritual energy and manifest healing in others. He helps many people who suffer physical pain to gain relief from their suffering.

    Howard Wills is a unique man. He is a spiritual master but retains his humanity. He can be quite outrageous and also extremely funny. He is a very compassionate and loving person. I am fortunate to have met him during my time in Kauai.

  6. Howard Wills is a prophet destined for SAINT-HOOD.He has tirelessly promoted the gift of life prayers to anyone who will utilize them for free.People,these prayers given to howard from God are a gift. Howard is a conduit from human–to–divine.He has helped my family with numerous health & life crises through the power of GOD & his shining light.Use the prayers as an adjunct to whatever religion you profess to. Makes no difference.We were both raised Roman Catholics & i have known howard since grade school(1965) & I am 54 yrs. old. These prayers don’t convert you from one religion to the other. They are for all humanity & cummulative for all religions, period.God has given howard the gift to heal the masses, in his namesake for free. If you don’t agree with this, then call me @803-782-3722 in cola.,s.c. & i will gladly share with you my enlightenment & experiences.

  7. No need to forgive ! – simply see the Divine order in EVERYTHING -There are No mistakes So No need to forgive !!
    when you ask for forgiveness you are judging something !!
    The universe makes no mistakes .
    As for Happiness -100 % Happiness and 100% Peace is an illusion -Through Love you are Simply Blessed, Joyful and Grateful NOT Happy -people seeking Happiness will attract the opposite ! Same with internal peace and seeking to make Peace on the external !!
    The universe is designed to teach lessons of Love through Negative and positive.
    Simply Being Love will cause peace to be there as a byproduct. Love is the equilibration of positive and negative energies.
    No Doubt Howard Wills is a Strong Facilitator of healing !!
    To learn some principles above please visit and
    Best Wishes and ALOHA, Tom on Kauai

  8. When a person searches for peace they are NOT seeing the balance of peace and war in the universe and the world and appreciating the divine balance Far greater than most peoples persepective-They are NOT truly Loving the DIVINE !!- If you search for internal peace you will attract the opposite – same for attempting to make the world a more peaceful place – LOVE movements are the Key NoT Peace Movements !! BIG DIFFERENCE !! Alot of people don’t appreciate the challanges as blessings -they are just as much a blessing as support.
    to learn more read books by dr Demartini

  9. ALOHA
    I thoroughly Enjoy Howard Wills and his Blessed Energies to help people Feel the Light of Love and The healing Energies of The Universe !!
    Forgiveness Can be a VERY Powerful tool to help people Clean their lineage and their life !!
    I spent a whole day at an Intensive With Howard on Sept 13, 2008 and it was Very Informative and Rewarding !!
    I’m have a lot of Gratitude and Love in my heart for the Lessons I have learned from Howard Wills . It is a True Blessing to Have Howard on Kauai soil as much as We do !!
    Much Love and ALOHA <> Tom

  10. Truly excited to witness Howard and all others alike to be emersed in the path of LOVE. The emotional movement of forgiveness, however, will only be granted to those that reside in Lotus or like position for an entire lifetime. No ifs ands or buts! To forgive or ask for it implies judgement!!! Tisk tisk tisk! Words,words, words… how many ways can we extend ourselves emotionally out towards the divine (Thee All) before we truly understand what it indeed requires of us as incarnate beings. As an ego carrying vessel I say reside in Lotus, hold No Mind, until BEING and LISTENING become ONE. Then the distant OM shall be felt and your Home will come closer. Any thing else would be like saying that the Chinese are merciless Warlords.
    Until then, the next best attempt to erradicate any Karmic contingencies would be to walk the Earth as if you had not a thought in the Universe.
    Once again, thank you Howard and the rest of you for doing our work!
    All is GOOD!!!:)

  11. Howard Wills is an extraordinary instrument for ‘The Light’ and an extraordinary conduit of healing. He ‘snapped’ my thyroid into full health within a 30 second period. And if that sounds too good to be true or hard to believe — I understand. I had resisted going to a Howard Wills event several times – because the anecdotal stories of giving a blind man back his sight, dissolving breast cancer and a man getting up from his wheelchair and walking — made me think — ‘who is this, Jesus?’ Finally, on the 3rd invitation I decided I would go see who this man was. I attended a gathering in Beverly Hills at the home of an astrologer — and as I watched him work on people one after the other, I knew something was happening. At the end of the evening, I gathered my courage and walked over to meet him. I pointed to my throat and said, and was about to say, “I have a thyroid condition and don’t like taking the medicine it requires’ and out of my mouth came the words, ‘I have a lot of sadness here.’ I was amazed — but I realized and would learn that in the presence of Howard the truth comes out. As he said, the thyroid is about grief. I had had several relatives, including my mother, die in the last number of years and I was filled with unhealed grief. Within 30 seconds, I was filled with energy – and felt lit up like a Christmas tree. I had more energy than I had walked in with and my thyroid condition was dissolved in that instant.He handed me his prayers on my way out and my life has never been the same since….truly, all manner of blessings began to enter my life.

    I became a dedicated student of his prayers from that day forward. I found myself being guided to doing the prayers for hours at a stretch – first 2 hours, then 3, then 7 and 8 hrs a day. I could feel centuries of weight and darkness leaving me — as if the programming of my ancestors was being washed away. As he teaches, our problems – be they physical or emotional, financial or spiritual are what we have inherited – like diabetes – from our ancestors. We are encodings of 10 generations of our families….we carry unresolved residue from our ancestry. And our actions and re-actions are so often a ‘predisposition’ — we carry tendencies. It is not ‘us’ in our truest most Divine essence….and what we carry can be cleansed, released and transformed. Amen to that.


    I am better for them. I continue to do them. I share them all the time. I am a grateful and willing student — always in process, always learning, growing.

    I can think of no better time than right now — in these evolutionary times of change — when the old is leaving us (inside and outside) to pick up Howard’s prayers and do them — speak them out loud with joy. They are a VEHICLE of JOY. If you feel called, speak them multiple times.

    As the ancients in all traditions teach: There are no idle thoughts, no idle words. None of us can afford a negative thought or negative utterance. The more we speak helpful, healing, loving words, the more we attract support, love, healing, abundance and peace.

    Howard is returning to LA November 20th — — for more info.

    I have been blessed by his work and am deeply forever grateful. His work changed me and set me free to more powerfully express my gifts in the world.

    Bless you Howard Wills. Bless you Always.

    Christiane Schull

  12. Will you pray for my daughter Hope Powell that she may get her children back. By flook her husband Anthony Powell Jr. got custody temporarily. He was kicked out of the army for tested positive for cocaine. He would leave my daughter for weeks and Hope would not know were he was. He is hooked on meth and has been arrested for it.When he would come home from one of his methf binges he would beat my daughter up.He has CDV charges against him for abusing my daughter. He also the house that her grandfather Furman Derrick bought him! He would not allow my daughter to work or go to school.She did not have transportation to even take the children to the doctor. I would have to go to Saluda and take the children to the doctor. Each time my daughter has visitation my granddaughter would have lice! My daughter took my granddaughter, Katelyn to the dentist and she has three cavities. This was in May and Anthony has yet to take her to the dentist! There is alot more but I have run out of time. Please contact my and let me know what can be done to help her. She living with us and does not have a job or a car! She is 28 years old and needs all your prayers.
    Thank you,
    Georgette and Dickie Godowns from Cope SC

    • Dear Dickie and Georgette Godownss,

      I am saddened by the problems your daughter and granddaughter are going through. However, Prayer alone is not going to solve this problem. You must ACT.

      You need to bring this to the attention of the Child and Family authorites in your area, to help advocate for your granddaughter and have her in a non abusive environment. This is a CRIME what is happening to the granddaughter and you MUST ACT not just pray. I believe in God and the light but God gave us the power to change what we need to do to bring love and happiness in our lives. God gave us power, and we must use it. Please call immediately to the police and department of childrens and youth hotline and get your granddaughter out of there! Her life is getting ruined. Do not allow it to go on any longer.


  13. hello Esther
    I am researching a book on Shamanic healing and would very much like to quote your experience with Howard. May I have your permission to do so? You will be fully acknowledged.
    With thanks
    Kris Deva North

  14. I have seen Howard twice this past week and am going to again tonight at Golden Bridge Yoga in Hollywood California. He is truely the “Real Thing” and my life has changed as well since I have known him. He really gave me a blast of his healing energy the other night and I immediatly felt a heaviness lift off of my chest and, what felt like, out of my heart. He asked me what I noticed and my response was that I felt less top-heavy and like I was standing more upright. He did it again and with that blast I felt like my throat opened up and my words were coming out easier. I have felt different ever since that night. It has been much easier to communicate what is in my heart and I have seen that my thoughts and words are automatically more loving and peaceful. I cannot swear any more as it feel really negative and I feel lighter. Being with howard is so life giving and creates a faith in life that is permanent. Intense faith and hope are what I’m left with after seeing him and now the prayers and healing ocean waves are a daily practice for me. They are also helping my 80 and 83 year old mom and dad. I am blessed to know Howard Wills. Check him out…it ill change your life.

    Ann McMenomy
    Los Angeles, Ca

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