Zaphkiel, Archangel to Those Born June 11–July 22

My birthday was a few days ago, July 19. I asked a Spanish friend to translate for me the information on Archangel Zaphkiel (the archangel for people born between June 11 and July 22) that I found on a small laminated card at a Knights-Templar-associated place when I walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain last fall.

The card describes Zaphkiel’s domain, gifts and powers, and how to pray or intercede through him.

It has a mottled light-green background with the picture of an angel with flowing dark hair and large white wings, dressed in a long light-orange robe. The archangel looks distinctly feminine, but the nouns and pronouns usually used for it are masculine. Actually, I believe archangels are considered genderless.

Cristina, my friend who translated the card, said the written style is quite medieval and old-fashioned, and it was challenging to put the concepts into contemporary language.

From a quick google search, I found that Zaphkiel is often regarded as the angel of understanding and contemplation. One source associated him/her with Noah, because Noah saved the family; another associated him/her with the planet Saturn.

Here’s the translation from the card; I’ve italicized it all:

Archangel to people born between June 11 and July 22

Prince of the Thrones
Choir of the Ruling Guardian Angels from June 11 to July 22.
To receive their help, we can pray to the Archangel Zaphkiel at any time.

Gifts and Powers that Zaphkiel Gives

Zaphkiel is God’s Vision or God’s Eye.

Zaphkiel is the Angel of contemplation and revelation.

Zaphkiel does not make any decision for us but directs us onto possible paths, giving us their meanings.

Zaphkiel is also the Angel of mother’s caring and devotion for her children.

Zaphkiel, Archangel Prince and rector of the Thrones, brings with them the illumination that allows one to perceive and overcome life’s tests.

Zaphiel can intervene in any area where you need help such as: Love, Money, Health, Spirituality, and Work. Also, if you want, Zaphkiel can assist a loved one or a relative.

You need to call Zaphkiel often in order to receive assistance. Do not forget to express your gratitude to God, the creator of the Universe.

Prayer to Archangel Kaphkiel

Archangel Zaphkiel, Prince of the Thrones, give me a mission because I want to participate in God’s Work. I am willing to work and will do my best to understand. I want to use all my talents and abilities
in service to the World. I want to give myself spiritually, mentally and physically to the Creation.
With your help I can fulfill my wish to contribute to humanity’s well being.

For me, it’s most interesting that the archangel that governs my birthdate is associated with mothering, children, the family. My main interest right now is in parenting education and family literacy, as evidenced two books I’ve produced in the past few years, the Way to Go! Family Learning Journal (2006) and Plus It! How to Easily Turn Everyday Activities into Learning Adventures for Kids (2009). Hmm.

Dear reader, feel free to comment and write your thoughts about all this, especially if you also connect to the wondrous Archangel Zaphkiel.  Aren’t we fortunate!

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3 thoughts on “Zaphkiel, Archangel to Those Born June 11–July 22

  1. interesting, never heard of it before, and it’s also a nice coincidence my bday is july 19th too, maybe I’ll do a little more research on this, thanks for the info

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